Property Management

Gilic is committed to providing first class property management services with a focus on meeting tenant needs, addressing concerns throughout the process and ensuring seamless experiences. The company's diverse real estate portfolio includes over 260,000 square feet of square feet of retail, office and residential properties.

Multifaceted Portfolio

Our extensive experience in managing a diverse range of properties has given us keen insights into the key factors that make a successful property portfolio. We use our deep knowledge and expertise to help our tenants meet their real estate needs.

Experience & Relationships

We have established many positive relationships with British Columbia's premier trade companies and suppliers. Also, we have created procedures to guarantee that our structures are always safe, sound and well-kept.

Committed Team

Due to our commitment to always provide the best service, we have been able to put together a great team of experts with extensive experience in different areas of real estate management. United, we promise to give you 100% satisfaction.

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